Holihi is focusing on manufacturing and developing hydraulic press For decades more than 30 years.For decades, Holihi has succeeded in development of hundreds varieties of hydraulic press.The company’s products are widely used in many industries and fields such as automobile, aerospace, nuclear power, military, energy, chemical, shipbuilding, etc. It is sold well in many provinces, cities and districts in China, and is exported to many countries and regions. It has extensive and stable Customer base, enjoy high market reputation and reputation.

Holihi take pride in our ability to innovate. We create new technologies, improve manufacturing processes and introduce never-before-seen products to the marketplace.  In recent years.The company has always attached great importance to technological transformation. The continuous large-scale technical transformation investment has enabled the company to make great progress in the development of Digitization, equipment heavy-duty, manufacturing numerical control and modular management. The comprehensive ability of product processing and assembly has leapt to the leading level in the industry.

Now our hydraulic press is widely used in metal plate forming, bulk metal forming, pipe, powder ware, rubber and plastic ware, electric motor, vehicle wheel, special-purpose pressing, hot stamping for high-strength steel plate, interior high-pressure forming, automobile longitudinal beam, NC servo, precise punching, glass fiber reinforced plastics (SMC), carbon extruding, vehicle door edging, part straightening and glass ware etc

The company follows the new round of industrial revolution led by intelligent manufacturing, and constantly accelerates the pace of enterprise transformation and upgrading. While continuing to improve quality and efficiency, and innovate and upgrade, Holihi will inject the development concept of the world’s advanced enterprises and cultivate the core with its own characteristics. Competitiveness and corporate culture, and strive to become a world-class equipment and solutions service provider.

ll that we do, we do to create value for our clients with better technology, innovative products, and unbeatable services.

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